General Microarray

Features of the VidiaMicroarray Imaging System:

The Vidia Microarray Imaging System is an easy-to-use, fluorescence-based imaging system for multiplexed assays. Vidia is compatible with both 96-well plates and standard slides, making it one of the most versatile microarray imaging system on the market! Only one other microarray scanner can analyze both plates and slides, but it costs 2x as much as Vidia. As a true 2D imaging system, and not a standard rastering instrument, it is also much faster than other microarray scanners.

Check out Vidia Product Literature to learn more.

miPLEX Custom Arrays

Fully Customizable Low-Density Microarrays

The miPLEX™ product is a customizable target-specific microarray, also known as a “focused” or “low-density” microarray, that contain less than 2,500 spots per well. miPLEX offers several unique advantages over higher density formats including straightforward analysis, fully customizable content, and lower cost per array. These custom arrays can be printed with both protein and nucleic acid targets in a variety of formats to match your throughput and instrumentation needs. For immunoassays, InDevR scientists will work with you to transform your existing ELISAs into a cost-saving multiplexed assay.